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Step 1 ● Cadet Membership (12-18 years of age)

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of the Civil Air Patrol. We would love to have you join us and prefer that you attend three squadron meetings before deciding if the Civil Air Patrol is for you.

Step 2

Prospective Cadet members under 18-years of age should contact our Unit Commander to arrange a meeting.

Step 3

Complete Cadet Membership Application

Annual membership dues vary by state and location

Membership Dues Table

*Note: Cadets joining before their 18th birthday can remain as cadets until age 21

● Adult Membership (18-years and up)

Prospective Adults older than 18 years can join as a Senior Member are encouraged to visit our squadron to meet the Commander and discuss the Civil Air Patrol mission, professional background, and our various professional development programs. Additionally, as a Senior Member, you must agree to a personal background check and submit a fingerprint card to the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters.  

*Note: All interested parties should contact our Unit Commander for sponsorship, membership transfer, or additional information on how to apply online. 

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